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Sh. Amjad Rashid


Mr. Sheikh Amjad Rashid is an Internationally renounced Business Leader with 48 years of experience in the Banking and Business industries.  He was appointed the Chairman of the International Multi Group of Companies (IMGC) in 1985. Since then, the group has emerged as one of the most progressive organizations within Pakistan as well as globally.

IMGC takes pride in its performance resulting from a strong commitment to its ideals and continued efforts towards the goal of professional excellences and integrity. It is with this commitment that Mr. Sheikh Amjadhas led IMGC to acquire several groups including Associated Industries Ltd., Hafeez Ghee & Oil, Oil World Pvt. Ltd, IMGC Global Entertainment and IMGC Global Pvt. Ltd. hence leading the organization to grow multifold within the last two decades.

As a member of high level delegate at international conferences, Mr. Amjad interacts with economic experts and senior management of some of the leading organizations and business houses. He is invited by the Government of Malaysia and Indonesia to advice on the strategy for increased trade promotion for ASEAN and SAARC for regions including Asia and the rest of the world. In addition, he is an active member for trade and business delegations with the Prime Minister of Pakistan since 1992. 

A few of Mr. Sheikh Amjad’s past experience include: 

  1. Chairman, FPCCI Standing Committee on Banking, Credit & Finance
  2. Ex-Chairman, Standing Committee on Industries of FPCCI.
  3. Ex-Chairman, Standing Committee on Halal Foods of FPCCI. 
  4. Member Business Persons Council, Finance Division (ERU Wing), Government of Pakistan.
  5. Ex-Chairman Pakistan, Vanaspati Manufacturer’s Association. 
  6. Member World Economic Forum.



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