Hafeez Ghee & General Mills
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Hafeez Ghee and General Mills

Hafeez Ghee & General Mills Pvt. Ltd. (HGGM) originally established in 1989 was acquired by IMGC in 1994. A unit producing 800 MT of Ghee and Cooking Oil per month at a time of its acquisition has reached to 3600 MT per month, a Solvent Plant with crushing capacity of 3300 M Tons of Oil Seeds per month, a margarine plant with production capacity of 730 M Tons per month and a Laundry Soap manufacturing facility due to efficient and effective management of IMGC. A number of steps have been taken to increase capacity continuously through equipment upgradation and timely investments.

HGGM operations run through state of the art equipment procured as part of the plan to upgrade the plant’s capacity. Since 2008, with the use of the Solvent Extraction Unit HGGM operates on crushing capacity 200 MT per day with production of 40 MT of crude edible oil and 150 MT of Oil cakes per day.

HGGM also has the capability to produce up to 20 percent of the raw material requirement in-house, thus making IMGC an important player in the oil cake market.


Current Production Line

  • Ghee – Available in Assorted Tin and Plastic Pouch Packaging
  • Cooking Oil – Available in Assorted Tin and Plastic Pouch Packaging
  • Washed Edible Oil, Meal, Margarine,  Dish Wash Liquid



  • Oil Dirt
  • Liquid Soap.


Key Facts About HGGM

  • HGGM is located in the key region of Southern Punjab in Pakistan recorded sales of PKR 2 Billion in the year 2008-2009
  • HGGM plans to include an addition of a Feed Factory to add value to the oilcakes and produce high quality feed for the cattle and poultry industry in Pakistan
  • Vast marketing network in all the key regions in Northern and Southern Punjab with over 60 distributors in surrounding villages and towns, spanning 1000 miles
  • Hafeez Ghee & General Mills is considered to be the marketing leaders in the Southern Punjab region with its innovative campaigns and publicity outlets.

HGGM Current Financials