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IMGC is the leading importer and distributor of foreign movies in Pakistan. 60% to 70% of the current market share of the major movies showcased in Pakistanis with IMGC. Partnered with the leading theaters nationwide IMGC has established easy terms based on mutual lease agreements.

The Group through a Joint Venture with Greek Company by the name Tanweer has established an offshore office in Dubai for import of Hollywood movies and their distribution world-wide. IMGC is currently investing in establishing the unique concept of showcasing multiple movies under the banner of Cineplex in Pakistan.

Sheikh Abdul Rashid, father of Mr. Sheikh Amjad Rashid (Chairman – IMGC), was associated with Stalwarts from the Indian Film industry before the partition of Pakistan, operating under the banner of AR Films. This relationship was maintained even after the Pak-India partition in 1947. AR Films produced and distributed some of the most memorable Pakistani films in the 1970s and 1980s. Unfortunately, AR Films suspended its activities in the late 80’s due to the lack of support from the government and the deplorable state of the local film industry.

NEW YORK, KAMINEY, DIL BOLE HADIPPA and the most recent YEAH JAWANI HAI DEWANI have all emerged as box office winners.

International Multi Group of Companies 10 IMGC GLOBAL ENTERTAINMENT is based in Lahore and is committed to provide quality entertainment to the Pakistani public with movies and TV shows.