Research & Development
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Research & Developments

IMGC believes that every successful business must adapt to the rapid changing business models and technologies. This is done by harvesting ideas and innovations for newer product development, Business Models and defining improvements. The eventual goal is to maximize the return on investments (ROI).

IMGC invests in Research & Development facility for all its operational Industrial Units and Manufacturing Plants. A dedicated team of research experts help the management to identify and improve the current model of operation, the quality of the existing product line and innovate modern-day approach by devising strategies for the future.


Our Case Studies

  • In 1994, AIL was the first ghee unit in Pakistan to successfully package Vegetable Ghee in HDPE Pouch Packs. Since then more and more organizations have followed suit and now over 25 percent of the total oils and fats in Pakistan are packaged in HDPE packs. Similarly, IMGC developed the first Soya meat plant in Pakistan that marketed Soya Meat on commercial basis under the auspices of the Government of NWFP. 

  • IMGC is focused on developing Soya Flour for bakeries and confectioners.  As research indicates, in light of the current wheat shortages and the future food insecurities, Soya Flour will emerge as an extremely viable alternative for the future consumers.

  • Being the pioneer in the MRE (Meals Ready to Eat Technology) in Pakistan, IMGC since 1986 has developed various varieties of packaging distinguished based on the international region. This includes incorporating culture, prevalent climate and other sensitive factors.  IMGC is the first company in Pakistan to develop MRE in retort packaging with Time and Temperature indicators.  These packages are currently used as Combat Ration packs for peacekeeping forces across the world.