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It was a nightmare to me to find out sourcing and price for urgenly required sheet pils for mission in Afghanistan. Thanks to IMGC for their quick sourcing and price!"

W.O. Allaby, Contracts 2 I/C, Canadian Contigent Task Force Afghanistan

"I will be leaving soon and before i do i would like to thank you and your staff for all the support you have given to the canadian Military engineers during ROTO #2. I hope you give the same support and dedication to the net ROTO. Thanks again it has been fun!"

W.O. Mark Gorman, Canadian Contracts 2 I/C, OP Athena, Kandhar, Afghanistan

"I thank you for your patience and efforts to comply with our needs. I look forward to conductimg business with your company during my stay here and convey my thanks to all your staff!"

Sherman EM, Sergeant, Contracts Manager, OP Athena ROTO 3, Joint Task Force, Afghanistan

"We wish to compliment you and staff of IMGC that i had the pleasure of working with on this challenging procurement, for their professional approach to solve problems, taking very quick action to requested changes and the dedication to do the job correctly and efficiently in all instances!"

Mr. Tony Bilecky, Sr. Procurement Officer, American Manufacturer Export Group

"Thanks once again for your good service of catering and for your co-operation. It has been a pleasure to deal with you and your company!"

Mr. Pedro Latorre Vila, Spanish People in GOLRA

"Thank you for the email and the background on your company. As you know, we really appreciate hard working contractors like yourself and what you can offer our mission. Maj. Long has briefed me on your dealings with him and i look forward to working with your company!"

Capt. Steff, NATO Mission in Pakistan

"IFRC was very satisfied by the service rendered as regard to the hygiene kit and is looking forward to do further business with your company in a fair and transparent fashion!"

Mr. Charlie Rapoport, Procurement Delegate, IFRC Pakistan Delegation

"I understand that getting material to this part of the world is no easy task and your efforts to get material to us as quickly as possible is very much appreciated by us!"

W.O. R.G. (Bob) Gray, Engineering Services 2 I/C, Camp Nathan Smith Kandhar Afghanistan

"I briefed my supervisor, Mr. Richard Manning, on your quote this morning. He agreed with me that your company is the best we have seen, and we want to go ahead with our proposal. We do still want to see the samples. Richard wants every backpack to be stuffed by your company and he wants them all to have the same items. We will be ordering 5,000 notebooks instead of 2,000. Please send me a new quote with these changes so i can submit the quote to my contracting manager, Mr. Sean Krisco. Thank you so much for your professionalism and time!"

Ms. Laura Blakeslee, Graphic Artist, SOC FWD - PAK MIST

Comments of various U.S. Army officers at Warsek Base regarding catering services of IMGC: "The staff is extremely professional and makes every effort possible. The food is extremely delicious and there are never any complaints! Keep up the good work!"

Sergeant Major Langford

"Everything has been wonderful, keep it up!"


"The standard of food and services is of the highest quality!"

Ian Parsons

"The food has been fantastic and plentiful!"

Tary Billimore

"Nothing is too much trouble, Thanks for the good service!"

C/Sgt Gardner

"You have made dining a pleasure again!"

Capt. Chris Payne RM

"Keep up the good work!"

Brandon D.

"You guys are doing a great job, please keep it up!"

Bob Bradford

"Food is diverse but is good. Service is outstanding, very clean. Staff is always polite."


"Very professional, great food!"

SSG Martin

"It has been my distinct pleasure to have worked with you! Your support of both me personally and the ESU contingent has been unparalleled!"

Clay Crosby, CIV -ESU-LPO Team Leader (KAF) Canadian Contingent Joint Task Force Kandhar Afghanistan